The mini holiday guide for an autumn break with LittleLAB:

For those of you who still have a holiday break planned, this is a littleLAB mini guide on how to cut down on your products while you travel.

The holiday guide is a small little manual to help you with useful tips of what to take and how to take less in your makeup bag.

I am a true lover of hand luggage and never put a bag in the hold anymore. So packing light is key but also you want enough looks so you don’t get bored on your holiday and can still have a chameleon effect with style.

Ok, so I always take a colour wheel by TEMPTU. It’s like a light weight concealer and a contour wheel all in one. Don’t panic! You don’t need to be able to contour properly as it glides on and you can use it as a bronzer rather than a contour line.

You can use the concealing colours to hide any redness or pimples that pop out on your travels and then the brown cream you can use as a contour bronzer. It makes the skin look a lot fresher using a cream rather than a powder.

Powder can look dry and sparkly so a bit fake, we want a chic bronze hue with no orange strip cheeks!

Get your eye lashes and eyebrows dyed to reduce the pencils and mascara, plus they can run in the heat.

I would suggest a lash lift too as this makes the natural lash look thicker and more voluminous.

So thats skin and eyes done, now for eye shadow. Go for a paint cream and use your bronzer to blend over the lid to create a bronze sunset eye look.

Let us know how you pack your mini wardrobe.

Have an amazing break!

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