My journey with Makeup Designory

What a journey I have had with Makeup Designory or MUD as it is better known.

The unusual thing about my makeup journey is that I started completely blind. I came from a family where makeup was a foreign language and mascara was about the only thing on the menu.

For me to have started my makeup career at home was never possible and I think now that is why I have a laid back view on wearing product.

My sisters and mother found the counters terrifying and daunting and this had a knock on affect on myself (the youngest).

So I was 20, starting a new career and completely green, learning in LA, arguably the forefront of makeup innovation for the world.

Tinsel town was where I wanted to learn so i decided to study at the prestigious institute Makeup Designory.

Of course I turned up with hook eyebrows, Kryolan oil based paints as my kit and a very relaxed look that was not exactly the same look as my fellow class mates. Over half the class had tattoos, fake boobs, fake tans and veneers!

To my luck I would be taught by the amazing Patrice Miranda. She took me under her wing and became a mentor and a friend. My makeup life wouldn’t of started without her inspiration and she is a true legend of the industry.

At the time she was working with Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney and Britney Spears so you can safely safe she is up there with the elite artists.

To this day we keep in contact and LA will always be the start of my makeup journey.

The course was an intensive fashion course teaching me all the skills I needed to go into the industry. The difference between LA and London is the scope.

It’s big business in LA and the film world surrounds you when you train in Burbank being the film industry head quarter of LA.

First things first. If you really want to be a makeup artist then there are a few things to consider.

  1. How determined are you……. really?
  2. Can you really work in a team?
  3. Do you like pressure? be honest with yourself.
  4. Do you have enough love for makeup to understand it’s all about others and not yourself?
  5. You really have to work hard (and to begin with very little money in return) with long hours and have to quickly learn when to stay quiet on set.

Hard graft is what I believe makes a good makeup artist, you can be the most skilled but if can’t work quickly it’s useless.

If you can get on board with all of this then it’s the perfect job for you and you’re going to be the best.

We started importing MUD makeup into the UK to use for teaching and to show off U.S professional grade products that are a bit different from the standard counter makeup.

We teach both professionals and beginners here at LittleLAB and I get great satisfaction from passing on my skills that I learnt from both my career and my time at MUD.

We’d love to hear about your makeup journey, wether from your bedroom or from set, drop us a line:

So that’s the round up of my journey with Makeup Designory.

Take care and makeup your life! x


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