eyes-compTips and tricks to creating a well blended eye look.

The 3 shadow rules:

The art to an eye shadow look is all in the blending and choice of texture. If the product is too sparkly or wet it can move or age the skin.

If you are a beginner try a blending brush or our brush the “bendy blender” .

If it bends it blends!” This brush is long and soft so it won’t scratch your eyes.

1. Circulate a bendy blender brush 3 times around your base shadow (lightest shade). Then blend onto the eye lid in circles towards the corner of the eye, don’t blend out! If you do we find that people tend to drop the shadow under the eye or blend it out of the eye line.

MOBR0043F_1_L (1)
2. Take your second shade a mid tone (soft matte brown).

With your bendy blender brush go around the shadow twice in circles to pick up the product on the brush. Then blend half way across the lid in circles. Repeat if needed.
3. Now take a stubby brush to draw a line of eye shadow, we call it a pencil brush. Go around the dark shadow once in a circle to pick up the product. You can always add more!


Draw a half line in the crease with a dark shade of your choice, if you want sparkles this one should be the glitzy one. Start with your line at the corner edge of the eye drawing a half line in. Don’t worry if this looks messy!
4. Now take that bendy blender brush and blend the product together. Not too much otherwise it will start to look muddy. Blend especially in the crease, working toward the tear duct. In not out!
5. Now pick up a hi-lighter shadow something creamy, and add with your bendy blender under the brow bone and in the corner of the eye to add light!

You’re done! Don’t worry if your shadow has escaped out of your eye line, take the concealer on a brush and clean up the sides! Perfect blended eyes the LittleLAB way.
Add a little Lifestyle And Beauty to your life!

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