The dark art of fake tan

In our Bath beauty salon just the mention of fake tan brings pangs of fear and visions of orange counter girls. But trust me when done “correctly” a fake tan can be a great asset to a beauty routine and you don’t have be be a professional makeup artist. Streaky uneven and too orange an undertone, A.K.A the classic tango look can be seen daily on reality TV. Here is your safe guide to the art of applying.

As a makeup artist, I myself am a genuine lover of fake tan and love to add a bit of a glow in those areas you shy away from. It has to be said that a brown belly always looks smaller than a bright white one!

Fake tan can be used on all different skin tones not just us cool types like mine. If you have a dark warm skin tone your skin type will lose colour quickly during long periods without sun so fake tan is a perfect booster.

I use a product called Mii daily body cream which we sell in our beauty salon Bath. After experimenting with several brands I’ve had the best results with this and it gets excellent feedback from clients in the beauty salon.

Ok, so the prep. Some people like to exfoliate like mad. For me this option is a no no. I have uneven red undertone to my skin. If I exfoliated excessively the tan would cling to any dry uneven patches on the skin surface and then look a mess.

Instead I tend to exfoliate gently mid week and make sure I top up on the oils on the legs as tan can be drying on the skin surface. The Mii body cream is an excellent moisturiser and as I live in an area with particularly hard water i do tend to get dry skin.

Gloves and mitts are definitely the safe option; if you haven’t got anything to hand try a pair of marigolds and a clean flat sponge from your kitchen. Buff in circles and make sure you apply on a towel! Carpets are never safe when a tanning product around.

Start with your inner thighs first not your feet. As you apply the product buff and work all around the top of the leg. Then apply to the stomach working down. Now the mitt is looking dryer swipe over the knees so there isn’t too excess product on the knee. We’ve all seen those mahogany knees and elbows where too much tan has been applied.

Now load again and work around the calf and lower leg, once most of the product is used then swipe over the feet and around the ankles last.

The top half of your torso starts with the belly, then back and finally the chest. Again you don’t want too much around the breasts as the tan tends to pool and may lead to unevenness. Now for your arms, reload and do both arms starting at the top and working down. When nearly empty swipe straight over the lower arms and hands last. Remember no palms or under arms…. You don’t naturally tan there!

Lastly place a small amount on a mitt for your face working the product where you would put your bronzer, not around the jaw line and hairline. You wouldn’t naturally tan there either.

Bump up your face with a crème blusher and bronzer and buff into skin to look more natural than a sparkly powder and swipe over eyelids. Now finish with waterproof mascara and you have a beachie glow on the go!

Perfect fake bake all year round. You can go heaver in the summer, as others around you will rock a glow too. That’s my guide to the dark art of fake tan if you have any other quest please don’t hesitate to contact us at LittleLab or drop into the beauty salon in Bath.

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