LittleLab Beauty Salon Bath – Our journey

shop interior
shop interior



If i’m honest, when I started LittleLab I did not envisage owing a beauty salon in Bath. As a makeup artist now living in Bath but coming from the fashion makeup world in London, I decided to start my company with a focus of teaching makeup to consumers.


My market research showed that a staggering amount of women have very little competence and even less confidence when it comes to the daunting world of makeup. My plan was to change this. Working as a makeup artist on fashion sets under high pressure led me to develop high speed techniques which I intended to simplify and hone to use on the general public.

My brand is all about less is more. Lightweight makeup, natural looks, and contouring using airbrush makeup. I wanted to take the orange counter girl image out of my beauty salon in Bath. I believed I could teach women to look natural, feel great, and be able to easily replicate the techniques taught at LittleLab.


The makeup routines were a great success and to date I have taught over 2000 clients! As my teaching business grew via a number of pop up shops in bath many of our clients were asking for other beauty services. The demand for makeup lessons grew so I decided it was time for a permanent shop. LittleLab has always been a modern concept and I wanted to open a modern beauty salon in Bath to reflect this. I have been very fortunate with my staff who have helped me to develop the beauty services we now offer. We still strictly adhere to our modern approach to makeup and beauty, always looking for the latest beauty brands and services to offer our clients. This I believe has been our key to success. We are still in my opinion the only true modern beauty salon in Bath. Come and visit us at our Bath beauty salon.


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