Choosing the right shade of foundation

As soon as i think of the right shade of foundation i think of all our clients who have had bad experiences on the high street. Too orange, too pale , too dry and just too many in their makeup bags full stop!

The art to choosing right shade of foundation is to get the right texture first. If your skin is getting older stay away from dry cakey textures, you will just age yourself further! Think dewy not wet.

If you have wet skin that slips and has excess oil; try a matt primer under a fluid to give a matt but natural look without too much powder!

Uneven and acne prone skin; use correctors and concealers for the coverage and go for an oil free formula so the skin can breathe. Blanketing the skin with thick coverage all over never looks good and just adds to the problem. So use thicker products where they are needed leaving the skin time to heal.

Sensitive skin; depending on your sensitivity, always do a patch test and check the ingredients. Natural doesn’t always work for sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin myself and find pharmaceuticals work better for me as they are more rigorously tested. Defiantly try before you buy for this skin type.

If you need help to choose the right shade of foundation pop in to Littlelab Bath, contact us or check out our range of high quality foundations on our online shop

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